Ilie Bobic

Junior Web Developer, eager to enrich my professional experience, continue learning and improving my skills

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Project 1: Develop a website using HTML5 and CSS3 which could be used by web development agencies in order to promote their services and portfolio to clients and partners. Skills: HTML5, CSS3, PSD, Media Queries.

December 2018
Office tourism Strasbourg

Project 2: Develop a website using WordPress which could be used by tourist information offices to promote the upcoming events and activities organized by the city, news and tourist attractions. Skills: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, SEO, Bootstrap, Media Queries.

January 2018
Rent a bike in Marseille

Project 3: Develop a website using JavaScript; CSS3; HTML5 Canvas, Web Storage and JCDecaux APIs in order to simulate a bike rental service and display in real time the bikes location and availability. Skills: JavaScript, jQuery, Objet Oriented Programming (OOP), HTML5, CSS3, API

February 2019

Project 4: Develop a blog using PHP, phpMyAdmin and MySQL, which could be used by writers or journalists to upload and update articles and manage comments from visitors. Skills: PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, architecture Model-View-Controller (MVC), Objet Oriented Programming (OOP)

March 2019

Project 5:Design a simple product listing page for an e-commerce store.Give the user the ability to add/edit/delete items in their cart.

March 2019


May 2019-August 2019